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Why UTL Logistics’ Warehouse is the Ultimate Solution for E-commerce Businesses

Warehouse is the Ultimate Solution for E-commerce Businesses

UTL Logistics:

UTL Logistics is a prominent Logistics and Warehousing company that provides reliable warehousing  facilities in India. Having an experience of more than a decade in the logistics and warehousing field, UTL Logistics stands out as the best Third-Pard Logistics(3PL) for various companies with both short-term and long-term options. UTL Logistics offers a world-class Warehousing facility located in Bhiwandi, Mumbai which incorporates modern services that help companies to reduce costs and maximise profits. 

Extensive range of Facilities at UTL Logistics’ Mumbai Warehouse:

UTL Logistics offers a range of facilities at its Mumbai Warehouse, such as 

  • Huge storage area of 75000 Sq Ft
  • End to End Multi-Channel Fulfillment and Distribution Services
  • Transparent processes with actual time inventory visibility and modern inventory management 
  • Experienced professionals adept with modern logistics techniques
  • Dispatch of goods for wholesale and retail
  • Desired temperature setups for biodegradable items
  • Availability of more space to accommodate all kinds of increased demands
  • Automated inventory management to save time
  • Customised packing options as per customer requirement
  • Availability of diverse Options such as hire/rent or lease 
  • Advanced tracking facilities with information on storage, packing, shipping, delivery and returns
  • Specially tailored “Pay as you use” concept, with customised payment options for actual usage of services, at the rate of INR 0.50 per Sq Ft


Our E-commerce fulfilment Services:

Our E-commerce fulfilment services encompass end-to-end services, first-mile to last-mile delivery, order processing, warehousing and more with expedited delivery services. AT UTL Logistics, we provide facilities like:

  • Integration of our platform with all leading marketplaces like woocommerce, Shopify, Magento etc.
  • Seamless first-mile to last-mile delivery of products
  • Superior quality packaging and order processing with precision
  • State-of-the-art warehousing facility with a robust security system.

We have been often referred to as the most trusted Ecommerce fulfillment company in India. Our actual time inventory visibility helps predict customer demand and restock the fast-selling goods. Moreover, our advanced logistics make it possible to efficiently handle goods with nearly zero human error, leaving time for other tasks. Our Warehousing facilities also help e-commerce businesses to expand their product offerings with a wider variety of items.

Bottom Line:

In today’s fast-paced competitive world, E-commerce businesses need optimum and efficient warehousing and logistics solutions. At UTL Logistics, we are a team of experienced professional who is well-equipped to offer premium order fulfilment, transportation and storage solutions to E-commerce businesses of all kinds.

UTL Logistics Bhiwandi, Mumbai Warehouse has become a popular choice for E-commerce companies across India. So if you are looking for a Warehousing or Fulfillment partner who offers reliable services, feel free to contact us at 70455 33357.

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