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Why Bhiwandi is the Ideal Location for Your Business’s Warehouse

Bhiwandi’s warehouses have positioned themselves among the largest warehouses in Asia. Bhiwandi, located in Mumbai and once renowned as a textile hub, has transformed into a prominent Logistics and warehouse hub. The surging demand for warehousing services is propelled by the exponential growth of e-commerce orders and expedited delivery options like one-day and two-day shipping. Industry giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pepperfry and Reliance Industries have established their warehouses in Bhiwandi. Spanning an impressive 25 million square feet of legally designated warehousing area, Bhiwandi offers vast space to accommodate vehicles, facilitating seamless transportation operations.


Situated at the border of Gujarat and Mumbai, Bhiwandi enjoys a strategic location in close proximity to the bustling Jawaharlal Nehru(JNPT) Port of Mumbai, known for container transport. Adding to its advantageous position, Bhiwandi boasts a well-developed metro connectivity network and is conveniently located near both North and South Mumbai. Mumbai is called the financial capital of India and it is an extensively developed business hub. This region benefits from excellent road infrastructure, facilitating swift and efficient transportation to Thane and Mumbai, ensuring prompt delivery to these crucial destinations. Moreover, Bhiwandi is seamlessly connected to both domestic and international airports in Mumbai, further enhancing its accessibility and logistical convenience. Notably, the warehouses in Bhiwandi are strategically positioned in the North-Western part of Mumbai, capitalising on its prime location. Additionally, Bhiwandi is in close proximity to the Mumbai Nashik Highway, offering a direct and convenient route for transportation and logistics activities.

Availability of Labour

The availability of labour is vital for the successful operation of such large warehouses, and Bhiwandi fulfils the labour requirements in warehouses. Notably, the e-commerce industry in Bhiwandi has created employment opportunities for more than 3 lakh individuals in and around Bhiwandi. Bhiwandi Warehouses are pivotal in handling a significant share, approximately 40%, of all online sales deliveries to the western region of India. This impressive volume highlights the critical role Bhiwandi plays in the e-commerce ecosystem. Many leading companies lease warehouses in Bhiwandi, instead of buying warehouses in Bhiwandi, as they consider it a more cost-efficient option.

Future demand

The demand for warehouses in Bhiwandi is quite high, with only 1-2% spaces of the warehouses unoccupied. Currently in India, online orders from tier-I cities are experiencing significant growth. However, projections indicate that by 2025, the demand from tier II towns and interior areas will take the lead. In anticipation of this shifting trend, it becomes imperative to establish local warehouses that can effectively cater to the needs of these interior regions. These localized warehousing facilities will play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of products to customers in these emerging markets, aligning with the evolving demands of the e-commerce landscape in India.


Considering various factors such as location, labour availability, and future demand, Bhiwandi emerges as the optimal choice for warehousing operations catering to e-commerce, import-export businesses, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) customers. If you are looking for warehouse rental options in Bhiwandi, there are several choices available for monthly rent, including spaces from properties leased by well-established companies.

With a strong emphasis on efficiency, UTL Logistics excels in providing optimal solutions for warehousing and distribution needs. UTL Logistics’ warehouse in Bhiwandi has a wide range of facilities, such as a wide area, affordable services such as “Pay as you use”, Automated inventory management, a strong security system and Easy to use platform.

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