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    Avail Premium Warehousing Services @50 paise*.

    Modernized 3PL Warehouse in Bhiwandi by UTL

    We have a modernized 3PL warehouse in Bhiwandi,Mumbai that offers comprehensive storage, efficient logistics, and reliable supply chain services to various industries. 

    Our services include: 

    • Customised storage solutions
    • E-commerce and multi-channel fulfilment
    • Inventory management
    • Reverse logistics
    • Labelling and repacking
    • Real-time tracking, and reporting
    • Cross-docking (consolidation or breakbulk), 
    • 24/7 surveillance, and a lot more…

    Our Bhiwandi warehouse has state-of-the-art infrastructure and management systems including temperature-controlled storage, powered conveyors, inventory replenishment alerts, forklifts, stacker cranes, etc.

    At UTL Logistics’ modern 3PL Bhiwandi warehouse, goods are stored and handled with utmost care. All our facilities and services are designed with the intent of helping you save time and money and take your business to the next level.

    If you are looking for storage space on rent in Bhiwandi, avail yourself of top-notch warehousing and logistics solutions tailored to your needs only at UTL!

    Warehouse in Bhiwandi | Best eCommerce fulfillment services in India

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    Bhiwandi electronic Godown

    75K Sqft

    Total Space

    Why should you choose UTL?

    UTL is an efficient and reliable warehousing and logistics partner to streamline your business operations.

    Here’s why you should choose our Bhiwandi warehousing services:

    • 21 years of prolific experience in providing excellent logistics and warehousing services
    • Facilities for both short- and long-term storage options
    • Temperature-controlled storage for perishable items
    • Inventory management using advanced automation technology
    • Robust security and surveillance facility for the safety of your goods.
    • Tailored and cost-effective solutions to surpass your expectations
    • Easy-to-use platform and prompt customer service

    Furthermore, we are the pioneers of the concept of “Pay as you use”. It implies you pay only for the space and services you use! 

    If you are looking for leading Bhiwandi warehousing services at a good cost, we at UTL Logistics are happy to help you!

    Worried about Material Safety at Our Warehouse?

    At UTL Logistics, the safety of your goods is paramount. Our safety measures entail the following:

    1. 24/7 Surveillance

    We have CCTV cameras at all crucial places to monitor activities in and around the warehouse area. Moreover, you too get live monitoring access!

    2. Automated warehouse management systems

    We use automated systems to monitor inventory and avert unauthorised access to your goods.

    3. Regular security audits

    We ensure regular security audits for the robust security of your goods.

    4. Vehicles with GPS tracking systems

    All our vehicles have GPS tracking systems to ensure safe and secure transit of your goods from or to our warehouse in Bhiwandi, Mumbai.

    5. An experienced and well-trained staff

    Our well-trained and experienced staff are deft at handling the stored goods safely to prevent any damage.

    6. Reliable fire safety systems

    We have high-quality smoke detectors, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers in our Bhiwandi warehouse. Furthermore, we conduct fire drills frequently to maximise the safety of personnel and materials.

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      End-to-end Warehousing Solutions by UTL

      At UTL Logistics, we have been providing expert warehousing and logistics solutions for the last twenty-one years at Bhiwandi, Mumbai. Our esteemed clientele includes multinational as well as e-commerce companies, and physical retail businesses.

      Our end-to-end warehousing solutions include capacity planning, inventory tracking, shipments inbound receiving, product storing, reorganising, climate-controlling, etc. 

      All these provisions aim to help you manage your business operations seamlessly and let you focus on your business growth.

      So, if you are looking for the finest, hassle-free, and reasonably-priced Bhiwandi warehousing solutions, contact UTL logistics today!


      3PL warehouse is a third-party logistics provider which is alternately called a fulfilment warehouse or fulfilment centre. A 3PL warehouse provides several value-added services including customised storage, shipping and receiving material, picking and packing, inventory management, fulfilment, reverse logistics, etc.

      In other words, a 3PL warehouse is the one-stop solution for handling all your logistics and warehousing needs.

      Short-term storage implies holding inventory for a short period of time, typically for less than a year, while long-term storage implies holding inventory for a longer duration, usually for more than a year. It is thereby essential to consider the cost of storage, the availability of inventory, and the expected demand for the inventory while considering short-term and long-term storage.

      Warehouse rates are typically determined based on the location of the warehouse, the types of services provided, the quantity of inventory stored, and the storage duration. UTL Logistics is one of the pioneers in this industry to introduce the concept of “Pay as you use”, which enables our customers to only pay for the space and services they use or need and save unsolicited expenditure.

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