UTL’S Warehousing solutions clubbed with other value added services under one roof are an ideal choice for companies that wish to provide world-class services, with out over burdening there operating expenses. You can also exploit our sufficient in-house resource and expertise to expand in an existing market or venture into a new one.

Besides state of the art campus warehousing facilities, we take due care in process mapping and training our human resource so that we do not compromise on quality of service.

Various value added services included in warehousing facility are

Contract warehousing

At your convenience we can also hire/ build and manage warehouses at any suitable location. We also undertake management of your facility with our expertise under Contract warehousing solutions.

Inventory Replenishment Alerts

Global competition and maturing domestic markets have driven supply-chain teams to reassess their distribution techniques to remain competitive in the market. Firms need inventory replenishment systems that enhance customer service whereas at the same time reduce inventory costs.

High levels of anticipatory inventory are no longer acceptable. Retailers want high-volume, high-turn items delivered on a just-in-time basis. UTL’s powerful Replenishment tool can accurately understand, predict, and manage the delicate balance between inventory and customer service. We therefore have decided to support industries improve inventory turnover and prevent out-of-stock conditions that results in lost sales. UTL with the company sets specific conditions with in our software that trigger alerts and the exceptions that identify issues requiring action. You can receive the highest possible return on your inventory investment. This quantifiable benefit enhances company profitability.

Receiving and Sorting

All you shipments whether domestic or international can always be directed to our facility; and we shall take care of it there after. Every step that we clear would be visible to you through our web based software. Our experienced receiving staff shall verify the quality and quantity and send it for Put away with all relevant reporting and information sharing.

Warehousing (Storage and Handling)

The Storage and handling process at UTL is completely organized with the floor areas divided into zones and all storage locations defined. Every stored product is bar-coded for easy accessibility. Cyclic inventory counts are carried to tally available inventories at all locations be it ATS (available-to-ship) or a quarantine inventory. Technology is used to its maximum for all processes managements.


Picking is done on receipt of Sales order (SO), or Transfer order (TO). Our esteemed clients have the facility of giving the order through our web based software or the same can be seamlessly integrated with any software existing with the client. The picked goods are then send to dispatch tables for, cross check or any other value addition if required.

Labeling, Re-packing

In case your product requires a new label for Importer/company details or a revised MRP label, what so ever it may be, same can be done with a lot of ease and accuracy of position by our expert dispatch teams.

If your packaging has been disturbed in transit or you would like it to be in a revised one we do it all. We can also procure and replace mono/outer cartons on client’s request.


Any old or slow moving inventory can be quarantined for re-conditioning and the same can be supported by our people under company guidance for performing the required.

Dead Inventory Management

We continuously keep updating you about the slow moving inventory with in our warehouse. And the same once declared dead after a defined cycle can be auctioned as per the company feedback, we can also organize a separate location at a much lower cost for its storage, or arrangements can be made for its sale either as scrap or otherwise.

Cross Docking (Consolidation or Break bulk)

We can either break bulk or consolidate your shipments to reduce cost and efforts of storing goods and transportation. Our cross docking services can be available for feeding assembly lines requiring Just-in-time material or local distribution of a bulk shipments.


Whether it is a local distribution or a regional one we manage it all at very competitive rates. Our exclusive owned vehicles for local distributions can manage to delivered consignments starting 40 Cft.