Advantage Of Outsourcing To UTL

Inspiration for UTL has always been a responsive customer service, and we understand that this can only be achieved by operational efficiency. Today Indian retail industry has grown many folds demanding a break from the traditional supply chain to a customized and focused service. Existing gaps have led to the emergence of 3PL which has shared responsibility of the capital intensive retail. This has helped to increase brand focus, customer service and reduce presser on challenging gross margins. We at UTL meet exactly the above for your “Brand” but with the difference of commitment and visibility.

  • Turning non-core function to a third party, to increase focus on brand and core business activities.
  • Outsourcing is seen as a strategic move that can allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Access to resources not available in one’s own organization.
  • Reduction of operating costs & Remove bottlenecks like “person who created it knows where it is”
  • Distribution of risk
  • 24/7 operations, allowing any time company access to the warehouse.
  • Industry based tailor made service.
  • As a business ethic of UTL, confidentiality, Integrity and security of data is more critical to us than you.
  • We meet all necessary statutory compliance, and maintain a very healthy and productive work environment.
  • Reduce time spent searching for information
  • Everyone has access to the same and latest version of the record.
  • Easy, convenient and secure sharing of documents across the organization
  • Long-term record accessibility and preservation
  • Access information anytime & anywhere
  • Organization responsiveness improves due to quick access of information, thus enhancing customer satisfaction