If you are looking to engage a reliable and dedicated company in your relocation, we offer a professional service where integrity and visibility is central to how we work.

A new city a new life but before that all the shifting hassles. We would like to share with you some week wise tips from our experience which we are sure will help you organize your relocation with your service provider.

Do give us an opportunity before you decide with somebody else.

  • Chart out a plan of material as well as your movement at the new location with your relocation service provider
  • Review and sign the service acceptance note
  • Find a suitable location that fits your budgets and easily commutable from your office and also near commercial hubs
  • Dispose/donate or sell off things that you will not carry
  • Send your new address to any one who needs like banks, magazine subscriptions, insurance companies’ relatives and friends
  • Gather your personal and other relevant papers that you would need at your new location
  • Make travel reservations, book your flight or train, and if required a hotel or a service apartment
  • Indentify goods that can be packed first
  • If your relocation service provider is also your packing service provider, fix a date for first phase of packing 2-3 weeks prior to your departure
  • Arrange to move your pets
  • Notify utility connections provider like (gas, electricity, phone, cable, water) of disconnection of services date, and make all necessary payments
  • If necessary do some small shopping, if there are climate variations at your new location
  • Start packing your clothes
  • Get your automobile serviced
  • Send carpets, drapes and other furnishing for dry cleaning and repair if needed
  • Return any thing hired like, library books
  • Move your pets
  • Purchase some medicines for your travel period
  • Cancel newspaper delivery
  • Identify and start packing items that you need for personal during the travel
  • Pack all your valuables like, jewelry, passports, and other vital documents
  • Make arrangements to pay for your move
  • Close safety deposits with banks
  • Drain out fuel from any fuel driven appliances
  • Collect all dry-cleaning, laundry, and tailor
  • Check and count all packets with your relocation service provider
  • Check if all packets are sealed properly
  • Keep the document provided till all your possessions are delivered
  • Go over the house to make sure nothing has been left
  • Make sure all gas cylinders have been emptied by your mover