• Established in 2001, UTL began with catering to the needs of retail customer deliveries. It started its alliance with the Luxury retail market and served as one point contact for the outlet as well as the customer. The mantra of safe, secure and on-time delivery worked for the company and today it can boast of having more than 50 esteemed clientele who work exclusively with UTL for all their delivery needs be it domestic or international.
  • In 2003 the company diversified itself in to Industrial and household relocation segment and is present today in all major metropolitan cities.
  • Later in 2007 the company moved in to Warehousing and distribution. With its extensive training of the workforce, laid down process and procedures and expertise in material management company has gained a remarkable reputation in warehousing and distribution.
  • Inspiration for UTL has always been a responsive customer service, and we understand that this can only be achieved by operational efficiency. Today banking sector has grown many folds demanding a break from the traditional warehousing to a customized and focused service. Existing gaps have led to the emergence of 3PL which has shared responsibility of the capital intensive banking sector. This has helped to increase brand focus, customer service and reduce pressure on challenging gross margins. We at UTL meet exactly the above for your “Brand” but with the difference of commitment and visibility.
  • We strive to create our own space and become one of the best warehouse companies to provide customer services to the highest level.
  • Our mission is driven by our core values of integrity, excellence and innovation. We have a long-term commitment to our employees, our customers, and all who are associated.

Vikram Mazumdar

Samar Mazumdar- Ex- DM, Sales and Distribution, P&G
Mr. Mazumdar has over 30 years of experience in Sales and Distribution management across almost all territories in India. His understanding of the versatile India spectrum has played a major role in the current positioning of the company. Under his guidance, our Company made a mark in the business of logistics in the year 2001 and has grown many folds thereafter. His vision and expertise is of vital importance and is crucial for further growth and expansion of our Company. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company and monitoring its implementation.

J.S. Prasad- ME (Civil), IIMK
He has worked for more than 16 years in the construction Chemicals Business. Mr. Prasad has expertise in handling projects and retail Business. He has also been with Fosroc Chemicals (India), an MNC for more than a decade and half as a Profit centre Head responsible for Retail market development Pan India operations. Later has worked in the capacity of Vice president in cc division of Pidilite Industries. Sharing his experience he says “to survive in any business and sustain success is to constantly adapt to ever changing landscapes.” He has been one of our key driving forces.


We strongly focus on minimizing the harmful effect we have on our beautiful environment. Some steps that we have taken to contribute our “bit” are:

  • Returning cardboard and paper, glass, tin and metals, plastics, food and green waste for recycling.
  • Using recyclable/biodegradable stationery and packaging in avoidable circumstances.
  • Being alert to wasteful practices and quickly correcting them.
  • Facilitating all last mile deliveries through CNG run vehicles only.


As an active member of the Indian business community, UTL believes in contributing to the advancement of the concept of corporate social responsibility, focusing on the enhancement of the quality of life and development of the local communities.

Each year a budget of the company is either given to social institutes or spends through sponsorship and aid initiatives.